MAE 4513 Aerospace Structures, Fall 2021

Description: Design and analysis of flight structures. Topics from two and three-dimensional elasticity. Behavior of composite materials. Stress and deflection analysis of thin-skinned stiffened structures. Introduction to the finite element method and its applicability in the design process.

Textbook: Megson, T.H.G., (2013) Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students (5th Edition)

MAE 3403 Computer Methods in Analysis and Design, Fall 2022

Description: Application of linear algebra, numerical methods, statistics, and computer methods in the design, analysis, and simulation of mechanical, thermal, and fluid systems.


MAE 5933 Aeroelasticity, Spring 2022

Descriptions: This course will cover fundamentals to solve some static and dynamic aeroelastic phenomena including divergence, control surface effectiveness, lift redistribution and flutter. Conventional and modern methods will be explained in this class to solve aeroelastic problems of typical sections, classical models, and recent innovative flight vehicles (TBW, X-56A, etc.).