Aeroelasticity of X-57 like Swept Distributed Propulsion Aircraft Wing

(Courtesy of Image: OpenVSP)

Flutter of Very Thin Plate

Geometric non linearity effect shows a significant effect on the flutter speed of a very thin plate, which helps to increase the bending and torsional stiffness of a very thin plate, resulting in a larger separation between bending and torsion frequencies. Therefore, a higher flutter speed is observed.

(Credit of wind tunnel: Virginia Tech AOE Department)


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Flight Dynamics and Aeroelasticity of Flexible Wing

The coupling of flight dynamics and aeroelasticity of flexible wing resulting in body freedom flutter. Please see more details in:

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Flight test


Nonlinear Aeroelasticity of Truss-braced Wing

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Model details of TBW WTM can be found in NASA reports on SUGAR project.

SUGAR TBW WTM Flutter test_Trim.mp4

(Credit: NASA)