Graduate Research Assistant


The Aerospace Structures and Materials Laboratory at Oklahoma State University ( recruits graduate research assistant(s) (PhD or Master in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) in aerospace structures and system design of advanced vehicles. Successful candidates will be supported through waived tuition and monthly stipend. Please contact Dr. Wei Zhao for potential funding opportunities.

The successful candidate will be responsible for (a) multiscale modeling, computational design analysis of advanced structure concepts, such as composite tow-steered stiffened laminates, additive manufacturing structures, (b) fabricating test coupon using facilities available in SDOLab, conducting tensile/compressive/shear tests and simulation/experimental data correlation (preparing ASTM test specimens, performing ASTM mechanical tests, post processing and reporting results), and (c) rapid computation of responses of interest for the advanced structures considering progressive failure analysis, 

Undergraduate Research Assistant

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