"Research Through Development" philosophy is employed to advance research progress using test validated models

Fabrication/Test Facilities

  • Compression and tensile test using Instron

  • Non-destructive measuring material properties using Image Suite available in Campus (ATRC)

  • Ground vibration test (collaborated with CEE department)

  • Test Coupon Fabrication Facilities (Under Development)

  • 3D printers (Available in Library and/or CEAT Labs: Link )

  • Flight test at Oklahoma State University (USRI)

Computational Facilities

Campus HPCC

High-performance computational center at OKstate provides computational efficient design machines with following details:

  • 164 compute nodes, each with dual Intel “Skylake” 6130 CPUs and 96 GB RAM

  • 12 large memory nodes, each with dual Intel “Skylake” 6130 CPUs and 768 GB RAM

  • 1 super memory node with dual Intel “Skylake” 6130 CPUs and 1.5 TB RAM

  • 10 GPU nodes, each containing dual NVIDIA Quadro RTX6000 GPUS for a total of 20 GPUs

  • 100 Gb/s Intel Omni-path low-latency interconnect

  • 360 TB high-speed parallel file system

  • Slurm Workload Manager

More details can be found in https://hpcc.okstate.edu/pete-supercomputer.html

(Credit: HPCC at OKState)